Brentsville Jail House Restoration

​Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre – Bristow, VA

As a key structure in the Brentsville Historic Center, the two-story Brentsville Jail has been subjected to numerous alterations and severe deterioration since it was built in 1822.  The project’s scope of stabilization and restoration of the structure allowed for the re-creation of the 1820’s jail, including jail cells and jailer living quarters.

Severe deterioration over time required the restoration and repair of the existing brick and wood structure.  Ground penetrating radar and infrared thermography testing was performed to determine the extent of voids in the brick walls. Injection grouting was utilized to fill localized wall voids found during testing.  Due to the severe deterioration of the brick and to resist further rising damp, the bottom three feet of the exterior walls were rebuilt, using damp-proof mortar and a layer of slate installed between the stone foundation and the brick wall.  All walls were repointed, the wood stairs were rebuilt, and a majority of the floors were replaced.

Experience and expertise in antiquated structural systems and construction was required during the design and construction phases of the project.

  • Size: 1080 SF