DoDEA – Spangdahlem Middle/High School

Spangdahlem Middle/High School – Spangdahlem Airforce Base, Germany

Structural design concepts were developed for the construction of a new middle and high school.  The design was required to comply with the DoDEA Education Specification and their 21st Century Schools concepts and themes, to the greatest extent possible, within the DD Form 1391 parameters.  In addition to these concepts, the middle/high school is to include classrooms, multiple gymnasiums, cafeteria and kitchen, mechanical rooms, bus loading areas, multiple outdoor play areas, delivery areas, and multiple specialty rooms and offices.

The U.S. design team met and collaborated closely with the Host Nation design team, since the design of this project will be completed by the Host Nation’s design team. The collaboration ensured that the developed concepts and the future project phases are in conformance with both U.S. design codes and standards, including AT/FP, and the applicable Host Nation design standards, codes, and construction practices.

  • Estimated Construction Cost: $87.2 million
  • Size: 221,581 SF
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