Harry S Truman Building

Harry S. Truman Building – Washington, D.C. 

The major renovation of the U.S. Department of State headquarters required exterior façade hardening.  The upgrades involved the development of support systems for the windows, performance criteria for the curtain wall systems, reinforcement for the existing exterior and courtyard masonry facade walls, and steel jacket hardening for columns at the exterior and in the garage.  Analysis and design of the hardening systems were developed by the blast consultant and Woods Peacock worked collaboratively with them to develop the contract drawings and specifications.

Construction administration and on-site support were provided throughout construction for Phase 1B.  Contract documents have been completed for Phase 1C.

Phase 1B

  • Size: 233,173 SF
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $10 million

Phase 1C

  • Size: 291,536 SF
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $22 million
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