NNMC Bldg 54 & 55 Garage Repairs

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Buildings 54 and 55 Parking Garage Repairs – Bethesda, MD

The multi-story parking structures, Buildings 54 and 55, had shown signs of deterioration.  The projects involved the survey, assessment, and documentation of the existing conditions, as well as the preparation of contract documents for the repair of both garages. Documentation included the extents of deterioration, types of deterioration, concrete repair and waterproofing details, and suggested traffic phasing plans.

Buildings 54 and 55 are 6-story and 8-story structures respectively, consisting of prestressed double-tees supported on precast columns, beams, and wall panels.  The tees are topped with a 2” cast-in-place topping slab.

As the primary staff and patient parking for the hospital, the parking garages remained operational throughout the repair process using sequenced construction to limit the area of disruption.

Construction administration and weekly on-site support was provided throughout construction.

  • Building 54
    • Estimated Construction Cost: $2.84 million
    • Size: 260,000 SF
  • Building 55
    • Estimated Construction Cost: $4.62 million
    • Size: 378,000 SF
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