Private Clients

Woods • Peacock has provided a variety of consulting and structural design services to a wide range of private clients.  Providing responsive and economical solutions to our clients has ensured a long list of satisfied customers.

Commercial Clients

Services for commercial clients include all aspects of design including new buildings, additions, renovations and restorations, and upgrades to physical security of buildings and sites.

In additional to full structural designs, Woods Peacock has provided services to clients in need of the following:

  • Load Surveys – Load surveys can be required due to a change in use or relocation/addition of equipment.  Performing a load survey establishes the existing floor/roof capacity, determines the changes which can be accomplished, and provides the recommendations for any strengthening requirements.
  • Tenant Improvements – Improvements and modifications to existing commercial buildings often involve structural input for the limitations of existing building systems, the allowable provisions for building element removal, or the design of physical security improvements/upgrades.
  • Foundations – Our extensive experience in the Washington DC metropolitan area has exposed us to a wide variety of soil conditions. This experience provides us with a wealth of information on which to draw and allows us to provide our best recommendations for foundation selection, stabilization, and underpinning guidance.
  • Seismic Investigation and Rehabilitation – Despite its east coast location, Woods Peacock has been involved in seismic design and evaluation since the early 1970’s.  We have performed seismic safety evaluations for prospective development and leases and, when required, have provided designs for strengthening existing buildings.  Woods Peacock is familiar with the current U.S. seismic design standards as well as the DOD UFC documents related to seismic and structural design.

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