U.S. Embassy – Baghdad Power Plant

U.S. Embassy Baghdad; Master Plan Implementation – Baghdad, Iraq

Implementation of the Baghdad Embassy Master Plan required multiple tasks, including the design of several new buildings and the adaptive reuse of the existing power plant. Various site structures and underground tanks and manholes were also designed and coordinated to facilitate the civil engineer requirements.

The adaptive reuse of the existing power plant included the addition of new egress doors, ramps, loading docks, and removable panels at the exterior wall for future installation of mechanical equipment.

Master Plan structural elements included:

  • NEC Power Plant (25,000 SF)
  • Rehabilitated Existing Power Plant (18,500 SF)
  • Utility Substation (3,800 SF)
  • Telephone Exchange Building (3,500 SF)
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Building (8,400 SF)
  • Vehicle Wash Canopy (5,000 SF)
  • Irrigation Tank (3,400 SF)
  • Communications Tower Foundation (100 m tower)
  • Communications Support Building (2,870 SF)


  • Estimated Construction Cost: $60-80 million
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