US ConGen Karachi Pakistan – NCC

U.S. Consulate General Karachi – Karachi, Pakistan

Completed in several phases, this design-build project for the new consulate compound (NCC) encompassed the perimeter security, compound access control (CAC) buildings, and all civil and site structures.

The scope involved the design and detailing of perimeter security including anti-climb/anti-ram walls, anti-climb fences, and anti-ram bollards surrounding the CAC, as well as the anti-climb walls and gates at the staff and visitor parking lots located outside of the main compound.

Design of civil and site structures included:

  • Concrete pedestrian shade structures
  • Steel covered parking canopies
  • A swimming pool
  • Garden walls and fences
  • An irrigation water tank
  • A wastewater treatment plant
  • Underground concrete utility structures


  • Construction Cost: $40 million
  • Compound Size: 8.4 hectares (20.7 acres)
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