USNA Replace Window Nimitz and Rickover

Rickover Hall & Nimitz Library Renovations– United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, MD

Located at the U.S. Naval Academy, Rickover Hall and Nimitz Library were built in the 1970’s and have similar exterior appearances comprised of granite, precast concrete, and conventional and storefront windows.

The project was initiated due to a façade failure and Woods Peacock immediately responded to the NAVFAC request to access the damage.  The response included the site assessment of existing granite panel support connections and recommendations for remediation of deficient connections.  This lead to the preparation of contract documents for repair of the connections, which required the removal and reinstallation of all granite façade panels.

To coincide with the removal and reinstallation of the façade panels, new windows and their connections were designed to bring the windows into compliance with the current Antiterrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP) standards of the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).

Flexibility throughout the project duration was maintained to allow for historic preservation reviews and phasing documents were prepared to allow both buildings to remain operational throughout construction.

  • Estimated Construction Cost: Rickover Hall – $25 million; Nimitz Library – $25.7 million
  • Size: Rickover Hall – 300,000 SF; Nimitz Library – 199,000 SF
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